Volunteer at Montlake

We need your help to keep the school and community thriving! Here are the steps to volunteer for both the PTA or directly with the school.

Step 1: 
Complete the volunteer survey to indicate how you would like to volunteer.  Our PTA volunteer coordinator takes this information and routes it to the appropriate personnel at the school, or adds it to our PTA Volunteer portal, Classroomparent.

Step 2: 
Only after you fill out the form above will our team be able to add you to the system so you can sign up for Classroomparent. This is a  closed, invite-only portal for privacy and security reasons! As such, there may be a lag from when we add your email (taken from Step 1 above) to the portal itself. If you are not allowed to sign up, shoot us a note @ [email protected]

As of the 2023-24 school year, we are using CP portal as a means to  coordinate PTA events and volunteering needs. (If you want to be a Room Parent or SPS volunteer during the school day - scroll down! That is a different process outside of the PTA's control.)

We have high hopes for this portal and will slowly be rolling out the following once we coordinate and align with school staff and teachers:
- parent teacher conferences
- Classroom and school directly 
- and much more! 

Please be patient with this new process. And if you have suggestions or concerns, please reach out - we are always looking for help. Thank you!

Room parents or school hour volunteers - you will need to go through SPS and the school directly. 

Any volunteers who work in the school building or who chaperone field trips must complete an application and background check with Seattle Public Schools  and receive approval. 

The list of approved volunteers for Montlake is updated and referenced regularly.  Volunteers who have not been approved will not be allowed in the building or on field trips.
Volunteer approval is good for two years.  If you have been approved in the past, please check each year to ensure that your approval is still current.  If you are new to the school, you must apply and be approved to volunteer at Montlake.  To check your volunteer status or to complete a new application, click the button below.

SPS Volunteer Application