For Parents and Caregivers:

Start of the Year To-Do List

Each year, parents are responsible for completing forms for the district and the school.  This year, there are multiple fees to pay as well.  In order to make this process more organized, here is the list of tasks that you need to attend to, all in one place.  

Summary of Forms and Fees
This is an overview of what you need to do.  Scroll down for more details.
   -  There are three forms that all students must complete and return (Device Agreement, Emergency Contact and FERPA). 
   - There are four other forms that you may have to complete (Montlake Support, Free and Reduced Meal, Survey to Identify Disabled Students, Student Housing Questionnaire).  See detailed list below for more information.
   -  There are three fees to pay:  two in the Source  for school supplies and for the device fee and one for subscriptions on a PTA payment page .
   - All parents must complete the data verification step in the Source.
   - If you are new to Montlake, you must subscribe to the newsletter.
   - Please join or renew your PTA membership.

Please note that the laptop device agreement sent home for 3rd - 5th graders was missing the sheet to sign and return.  See the directions below for where to download the corrected agreement with the form to sign.

Detailed List
Here is the same list of to-do items with more details.  Items that are bolded with an asterisk are required of all students. Please check all items as they may be required for your student. 
First Day Packet forms.  Your child came home with a packet this week.  Inside the packet are forms and informational flyers.  Here are the forms that need to be returned to school:
- Student Device Agreement*.  All students must complete and return the first two pages of this packet.  For students in grades 3 - 5, their student device agreement form was missing from their packet.  This form will be sent home this week to students in grades 3-5.  Please complete and return.
- Emergency Information and Student Release Form*. All students need to return this form to school.
- FERPA*. All students need to complete this form to specify what information families want to share for the school directory.
- Montlake Support for Families Form (green sheet).  Complete if you are in need of some resources or if you would like to donate your time or funds.
- Free and Reduced Meals Form.  Please complete this form if your family meets the criteria for participating in this program.  Critical funding for academic intervention is based on the number of students enrolled in this program at each school.

Start of School Forms. The school district has all of the needed forms on their website, translated into several languages.  Here are the forms that you may need to complete for your student.  
Survey to Identify Disabled Students.  Complete only if you think your child has a disability and is not currently eligible for Special Education Services.
Student Housing Questionnaire (McKinney Vento).  Complete only if you do not rent or own your house/apartment.

Tasks in the SourceAll parents must login to the Source to complete the data verification for each student and to pay for school supplies and the device fee.
Data Verification*.   Parents should have received an email from SPS to complete data verification for each student.  To do so, login to the Source and then look for the Data Verification tab on the left side of the screen.  You must complete this step for each student.
School Pay*.  Once logged into the Source, you can pay the fees for each student in School Pay.  Look for the School Pay tab on the left side of the screen.  You can pay the school supplies fee ($15) and the school device fee ($25) for each student.  If these fees are a hardship, please email Ms. Sarah:  [email protected].

Other Tasks.  Parents must pay subscription fees.  They should also subscribe to the newsletter and join the PTA.
Subscription Fees.All students should pay the $15 fee for subscriptions.  There is an option to pay less, if needed.  A volunteer survey is a part of completing payment.  Please consider volunteering your time at the school if you are able.
Subscribe to the Newsletter.  New families will need to subscribe to the newsletter.  Please read the weekly newsletter for important information.
Join the PTA.  Please join the PTA to make our community stronger and help us advocate for all children,