How to Participate in the Washington State Legislative Process

The 2022 Washington State Legislative Session began Monday, January 10th.  There are education bills that are being discussed in committee, for which your testimony or your record of position would be valuable.  Recording your position takes minutes and can really help legislators know which bills have priority with their constituents.  

To record your position or to provide testimony, follow these steps:

1.  Go to  The page will say Committee Sign In.
2.  Click on the button for either the House or Senate to provide your position on a bill.  
3.  Then select a committee.  The education bills are in the Education committee in the House and in the Early Learning and K-12 Education in the Senate.
4.  Choose a meeting time and locate your bill of interest.
5.  Once you click on the bill, you will have three options:  testify remotely (via a Zoom link at an assigned time), have your position noted or provide written testimony.  If you wish to testify remotely, please email [email protected] for further information.
6.  Note your position, provide written or remote testimony.

If you are concerned that our schools lack sufficient staff to support mental health: you’ll want to be pro SB5595 and HB1664. Both of these bills would increase the funding the state gives to schools for nurses, social workers, and guidance counselors. Our schools need this.

If you are concerned about your school losing staff due to declining enrollment: you’ll want to be pro SB 5563. Funding is allocated to our district based on the number of students enrolled. During the pandemic our district has lost approximately 4000 students.

If you think that the two student members on the state board of education should get to vote: you’ll want to be pro SB 5497.

In Washington State, education is not compulsory (you don’t have to go) until age 8. SB5537 would change that to age 5.  

Thank you for advocating for all students in the state of Washington.