Information for Montlake's
After School Enrichment Program

The Montlake PTA runs the after school enrichment program. Our aim is to provide a program that is engaging to students and that can provide social interactions across grade levels. We also want to run a program that is safe for students and respectful of school staff. We ask that you remind your students to follow the same rules for behavior during the after school program as they do during the school day.

Please take the time to read this information carefully. Whether your student is new to the program or has participated in the past, you will need to know all of this information. Note that the after school enrichment program is run by the PTA. Please do not call the school’s front office with questions about the program. Details are below for whom to contact with questions or how to report absences. 

Onsite Coordinator.  Devon King from Hampton Tutors will again be the onsite coordinator for Montlake’s after school enrichment program. Devon has been a preschool director and teacher for many years and is excited to help Montlake run our enrichment program. She will be at school each afternoon to help take attendance and be the contact person for parents and staff. She will also be one of the teachers in the Hampton Tutors programs. You can email her at [email protected] with any questions or special arrangements.

Transition to Classes. At dismissal time, your student will need to know where to go. Teachers will help guide them, but you can also remind them in the morning where they need to go that afternoon.
    o Students in choir will proceed directly to the music room in P6 where they will meet Mr. Mattson.
    o Students in the art classes (sewing circle and drawing and painting workshop) will proceed directly to the Art Studio where they will meet Ms. Lundgren.
     o Students in the gymnastics class will proceed to the gym where they will meet Ms. Stump.
    o All other students will proceed to the covered play court where they will meet Ms. Devon and their instructions. Their instructors will then escort them to their classrooms.

● Pick Up. After class, students in Launch will return to their care. All other students will be dismissed from the Calhoun St. gate by the covered playcourt. Please wait outside of the gate for your child to be dismissed.   Classes have different ending times.  Please see the chart below for the pick up times for all of the classes.

Absences. Attendance will be taken at the start of each class and parents will be called if their student isn’t where they should be. Please email [email protected] if your student will be absent from an after school class. We encourage parents to include this email address when emailing the school of any absence.

Running late or picking up early? For most communications with the coordinator, please email Ms. Devon at [email protected]. Only if you have an urgent need during enrichment class time, you may text Ms. Devon at 904-962-4493. Please note that Ms. Devon will be teaching during most of the enrichment program, so only text her in the case of an emergency.

Snacks. Please send your child with extra snacks when they are staying after school, especially if they are in the math or theater club. There will be a snack break at the start of the sessions.