Partner with 43rd District Legislators and School Board President

Education Advocacy Forum
Thursday, November 18th at 7:00 pm

Meet with 43rd District Legislators: Senator Jamie Pedersen, Representatives Frank Chopp and Nicole Macri, and Seattle School Board President Chandra Hampson.   Share advocacy efforts and stories to partner with our leaders to improve public education for all students.   

Equitable access to basic education resources at our public schools is a huge issue in our state and in Seattle. Schools receive most of their funding from the state, according to the prototypical school model. Seattle can raise more funds through levies but the amount is capped. Seattle Schools is estimating a shortfall of nearly $70 million next year and that shortfall will only get worse in the future.

At many schools, the PTA raises money to pay for additional staff to try to fill the funding gaps. The Montlake PTA funds staff to ensure our children have access to a counselor, art teacher, reading specialists and tutors. Other schools do not have access to PTA funds to pay for staff and their student population may have even more needs that are not being met.

This Thursday we have the unique opportunity to meet with our District 43 legislators: Senator Jamie Peterson, Representative Frank Chopp, Representative Nicole Macro, and Seattle School Board President Chandra Hampson together. These are the folks that need to hear our voices and concerns. Plan to attend if you have questions about how the state and the district are addressing school funding and ensuring access for all. Together we can help shape better decisions and prioritize our children. 

Hosted by Montlake PTA and Stevens PTA.

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