Montlake Class Emails and Buzzbook

Class emails and BuzzBook are up and running thanks to the hard work of Missy, Steve Deitz and Mary Beth Hribar.  Below you will find the instructions for how to email classroom families and access contact information from BuzzBook.

Please note:  If you have used BuzzBook in previous years, you may remember that there was a way to get a class list through BuzzBook.  That feature is not ready quite yet.  We will announce when it is.

BuzzBook and the class emails will only contain information from families who completed the online form to give permission to share their contact information.  It is not too late to be added.   Click here to complete the online form.

To email families in a particular class: use the email address listed for your student's class:

Mrs. Yorde:  [email protected]
Mr. B:   [email protected]
Ms. Adams:  [email protected]
Ms. Stump:   [email protected]
Teacher Margaret:  [email protected]
Ms. G:   [email protected]
Ms. Podney:   [email protected]
Mr. Marshall:  [email protected]

To email the whole class without the teacher:  insert "secret" after your class email name: [email protected].

To use the Montlake BuzzBook service:  send email to [email protected].  Include in subject line at least the first 3 letters of a name to search for (student, parent, teacher; first or last name).  You will receive an email with a list of names and contact information matching your search.

Send questions or corrections to [email protected].  Please note that in order for buzzbook to work you need to email from an email address shared in the online form.