Montlake Buzzbook

BuzzBook is up and running thanks to the hard work of Daisy, Missy & John Hart! Below you will find the instructions for how to access individual contact information as well as pull class lists.

To email the whole class: use the email address listed for your student's class:

Mrs. Yorde:  [email protected]
Mr. B:   [email protected]
Ms. Jasmine Johnson:  [email protected]
Ms. Adams:  [email protected]
Ms. Valente:   [email protected]
Ms. Stump:   [email protected]
Ms. Johnson (Teacher Margaret):  [email protected]
Ms. G:   [email protected]
Ms. Podney:   [email protected]
Mr. Marshall:  [email protected]

To email the whole class without the teacher:  insert "secret" after your class email name: [email protected]

To use the Montlake BuzzBook service:  send email to [email protected]  Include in subject line at least the first 3 letters of a name to search for (student, parent, teacher; first or last name), OR one of the following keywords: Room TeacherLastName for the classroom roster or Cheer for the Montlake Way and school cheer!

Send questions or corrections to [email protected] Please note that in order for buzzbook to work you need to email from the email address you used on the FERPA form.