The PTA's mission is to advocate for each child.


Our goal is to align our efforts with Seattle Council PTSA (SCPTSA) & Washington State PTA (WSPTA), so that we are advocating for all children, including our own (WSPTA Advocacy Focus Areas).

Below are some ways you can help:
 - Advocate for more school funding.
 - Local Level Meet with SPS Board Director Chandra Hampson (our District 3 Representative)  (notices to video calls with Director Hampson will be sent to all families at school)
 - Follow Director Hampson on  Facebook
 - Attend Seattle Public Schools Board meetings:  Click here for schedule and information how to attend
 - Serve on SPS Committees
 - Join the Washington State PTA Action Network to receive action alerts to communicate with our state legislators.
-  Understand the organization of Seattle Public Schools and how to best direct your concerns.  In addition to contacting our board representative, you may also email Tony Ruby .

Any questions? Want to get involved? Email [email protected]